Amateur Radio Operators Provide Communications for the Penn State Cycling Club Stage Race on August 1, 2015

By Carmine Prestia, K3CWP

The Penn State Cycling Club put on its first ever Nittany Stage Race on Saturday, August 1st and Sunday the 2nd.  The Road Race on August 1st was held in the Black Moshannon State Park and Forest.  Race organizers asked local amateur radio operators to provide communications during the Saturday event.  Eight (8) Amateurs volunteered and staffed the Incident Command Post and several positions along the 21 mile route.  Two operators provided roving coverage or ‘tail end’ coverage as needed.  This year saw the addition of an amateur radio equipped vehicle at the Command Post that was loaned to the event by Centre Communications, Inc.


K3CWP operates the Incident Command Post/Net Control Station out of the Centre Communications display vehicle.

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Amateur Radio Operators Provide Communications for 20th Anniversary MS Ride – UPDATED 7/26/2015

By: Drew McGhee, KA3EJV, EC Blair County and Carmine Prestia, K3CWP, EC Centre County

ARES and Auxiliary Communications Service (ACS) assets from Bedford, Blair, Cambria, Centre, and Huntingdon counties provided safety, health, and welfare communications support for the 2015 Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society Bike MS “Keystone Country Ride.” Further assistance came from the Bedford County Amateur Radio Society (BCARS), Horseshoe Amateur Radio Club (HARC), Huntingdon County Amateur Radio Club (HCARC), and Nittany Amateur Radio Club (NARC) Amateur Radio operators. The ride was held over the July 18 – 19, 2015 weekend. Continue reading

Communications for Nittany Cycling Classic at Black Moshannon

By John Szwarc, N3SPW, Event Coordinator for Amateur Radio

At times it may seem that volunteering for public service events is a waste of time. Cell phones are the norm these days and amateur radio is often regarded as “old school”. It’s often difficult to find enough volunteers to staff all the needed amateur radio positions. And when recruiting volunteers someone inevitably says something like “nothing ever happens anyway.” Continue reading

Moshannon Valley YMCA Bike Race a Successful Event

The August 9, 2014 mountain bike race to support the Moshannon Valley branch of the Centre County YMCA was a great success.  Eleven (11) amateur radio operators from the Nittany Amateur Radio Club and the Philipsburg Amateur Radio Association provided communications for the event.  The operators were stationed at different points along the 18 mile race course.  Click on more to see the participating operators and more information about the event: Continue reading

Moshannon Valley Bike Race Maps

These maps are created with MapMyRide and give a good rendition of the race course based on the information available as of 8/6/2014.  GPX and KML Versions of the Loop 1 & 2 maps are available by clicking on ‘FILES’ in the above menu.

1st Loop

Click here to link to the first loop of the race.  Though it ends at Beaver Road and Starmill Trail the riders continue on a second loop to complete the total mileage.

2nd Loop

Click here to link to the second loop of the race.  It generally follows the lower half of the first loop so that the riders can complete the total mileage.

 YMCA Supplied Map

Click here for a map prepared by the YMCA Race Organizers.  Note this is a very large file, 23 mb.  It has their rendition of the map that is provided to the racers.


Another Successful MS-150 Keystone Country Ride is History

On Saturday and Sunday the 19th and 20th of July, over twenty Amateur radio operators from Centre, Huntingdon, Blair, Bedford, and Cambria counties again provided communications assistance for the annual Multiple Sclerosis Society Keystone Country Ride in Central Pennsylvania. The ride is an annual fundraising event for the MS Society and involves about 500 riders over 150 miles in two days.
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Amateur Communicators Assist With Another Successful MS Keystone Country Ride for 2013

The 2013 Multiple Sclerosis Society Keystone Country Ride is now history.  Amateur radio operators from several counties provided communications throughout the ride on both days, July 20 and 21.  Planning, recruitment, and coordination were done by Drew McGhee, KA3EJV and Carmine Prestia, K3CWP.  Thanks to those who participated from Centre County.  Click the link for the full story. Continue reading